About Us

Kitchenfill makes it easy for those willing to work on short notice to connect with those looking for employees to fill in for missing staff. Potential employees simply register and complete a short profile. Employers simply register and begin contacting employees who are available to fill vacant positions. Easy.

The idea for kitchenfill came from several sources. The founders are food lovers and have gotten to know many of the chefs and owners at their favorite restaurants. Staffing issues are frequently mentioned by owners and chefs as one of the main problems they encounter. Some of the founders also have relatives in the restaurant industry. Again staffing problems are a frequent topic of discussion.

Finally a debt is owed to the late great Anthony Bourdain. After Anthony's unfortunate death in June of 2018 one of the founders followed through with a longstanding intention to read his book “Kitchen Confidential.” In addition to really enjoying the book, he saw that Bourdain, like others who owned or managed restaurants, often encountered problems with staffing.

We hope that if he were here, Anthony would see the value of kitchenfill. One thing that always seemed to shine through his television shows and his writing is that he truly loved food and those who prepared it. We hope that kitchenfill will make the lives of both employees and employers just a little easier.